Hi, we’re Smashed Crab Studio

A UK based Bespoke Software Development studio dedicated to helping you streamline your processes and meet your business goals.


Why custom software?

As your business grows, you already know where your objectives lie: higher revenue, happier customers, and satisfied investors.

Sometimes your solutions can end up falling short, or spreadsheets and paper based systems end up costing you valuable time.

We can help you continue running your business on time and on budget, using our technical excellence and creative solutions.


Use real-world data to make better decisions 

Making good decisions is the heart of your business. Measure what attracts the most customers, see where optimisations can be made, and have more confidence in your options. You’ll see an all-round positive effect on your business—both short and long term.

We don’t outsource our work.

Why does this matter? Your project is run completely by our in-house team, we don’t face any communication or time-zone based issues other agencies may have to deal with.

This lets you enjoy high-standards of work done by people who you can trust. If you’re in Hull, feel free to stop by and say hello!