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For many organisations staff are one of the largest operational costs, but also one of the most valued. If repetitive tasks can be performed quickly and accurately by software, no one gets stuck with boring jobs.

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Transformation of business functions & tasks

Business Automation Software (BAS) is the technology assisted transformation of time consuming or complex tasks and processes. Simply put this means that staff spend less time performing tasks that can be done by software leaving their time to be reinvested into other business tasks.

Data entry into multiple systems, invoice emails to customers, or CSV extraction (to name but a few) can become streamlined through our custom software.
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Build a better place to work and boost productivity

Repetitive work can lead to fatigue, indifference, and mental health issues in the workforce. Automation of these tasks can result in a more motivated and engaged team, often leading to better staff retention and loyalty.

We have had clients employing staff to do all of the above. By replacing the human aspect with an automated service and APIs, these same staff members were redeployed in account management to improve the customer relationship instead.

Your data in a centralised location

We are experts in turning tired and outdated business processes into intuitive hosted software systems. It may be daunting at first, but we initially assess your business’ current practices to see where we can make the most efficient improvements.

Off-the-shelf software comes with many features that aren’t useful to your business. With software that fits your requirements exactly, you are only paying for what you need. Should you need further features, these can be added at any time.

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Our Process

Software development isn't just about writing code. Initially we can help to establish whether your idea is feasible, how much it might cost, and what can be achieved at each stage.
Let's talk about your business and processes, then plan the project.
We use a design-first approach - let's get the look and feel right.
Iterative development phase. You'll get to watch your new system grow.
If you want it in the future, we can tailor support to your needs.

What sets us apart from the rest

UK Based Developers

Our team is based entirely within the UK at our two Yorkshire offices. We do not outsource our development work because we know this is the best way to maximise your success.

Certified Staff

All of our software engineers are Microsoft Certified technology specialists. We believe in continuous staff training to keep standards sky-high.

Agile Practices

Iterative development practises ensure your bespoke solution meets every requirement and can react quickly to new information and your feedback.

“The College has significantly improved many of its business processes.”

Amrik Aujla, Hull College Group

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