Software For Start-Ups

From sales tools to data processing and everything in between, we can help you create applications to take your start-up from concept, to MVP and beyond.


Your idea becomes a reality

Getting your concept in front of people is the only real way to see if it has legs. We will work with you to design your first release and get those first customers hooked.



Collect insights

Clever choices based on solid facts are at the heart of any successful start-up. View detailed statistics about your processes and customers, from marketing to manufacturing efficiency. See real-time information, make optimisations, and keep your finger on the pulse.



Be reactive

Working with an agile team like Smashed Crab Studio gives you the ability to react to the market. We run an agile methodology, meaning products are built and released sometimes weekly. Having your own bespoke software allows you to keep up with trends without having to start from scratch.



Work with our team

Click below to schedule a free call. We’ll learn about you and your product, give feedback on your systems, and help you come up with concrete solutions.